FSKI - Funakoshi Shotokan Karate International


Kyu gradings and grading rights

To attain the office of Kyu Grading Examiner a yudansha must have reached Sandan and be acceptable to the Technical Committee, and that he/she will be able to follow the codes and conduct of that office. Sandans, not graded by the FSKI, may have to wait for a period of 6 months before receiving Kyu Grading rights. Yondans will automatically be made Kyu Grading Examiners on acceptance into this association.

All Godan Executive Officers have the right to grade up to and including Nidan. All gradings of Sandan and above, must be carried out by a panel, made up of at least two of the Executive Officers, one of whom must be the Chairman.

All instructors are still required to have a Senior member of the Executive Committee grade for them, a minimum of one per year. This is to maintain the high standard of the FSKI.

Senior Instructor Status is awarded once a Karateka has attained 4th Dan. Membership to the Technical and Executive Committees are by invitation only to Godans and above, except where a country's representative is a minimum of 4th Dan and acceptable to the Executive Committee.




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